Innovative tools are a necessity in vocational programs, experts say.

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IT Futurist

Lean, Mean Learning Machines

Some experts look to AI and robotics as the teaching tools of the future.

Taking Measure

These best practices will help a district get the best prices and products, and protect it from scrutiny over purchases.

Tech Tips

Gotta Keep ’Em Separated

This integrated solution separates business and personal data for easy-to-use security.

Tech Trends

Vanguards of Virtualization

IT managers share lessons that can help others in education ensure the success of their modernization efforts.

Get Smart

Train the Trainer

Professional development for new IT should keep teachers in mind.


Hands-On Experience

Former Department of Education official brings innovation experience to the job.



Collaboration Nation

Cloud technologies and one-to-one initiatives boost engagement and learning.


Honor Bound

Delivering lessons to kids about proper online behavior not only fosters cyberethics, but helps keep them safe online.


Tech Takes the Stage

Students use a variety of new tools and devices to give their creative endeavors new dimensions.


Safety at Home

One expert calls his experience with device management a ‘game changer.’


From the Editor

A Creative Force

Student creativity flourishes as schools embrace the intersection of art and innovation.

Contributor Column

Guard Against Ransomware

Shore up your district’s defenses by following this expert advice.

Contributor Column

Flip Your Thinking

Model shows how technology can maintain research-proven effective learning tactics.