Feb 12 2024

Chromebooks Offer a Fresh Approach to Teaching

New devices in the hands of teachers at Paterson Public Schools keep instruction on track and open up new collaboration possibilities.

“Think big, start small, scale fast” has been the motto of the IT team at Paterson Public Schools, explains Associate CTO Mohammed Saleh. This maxim was put to the test when the 48-school, 25,000-student district, located in Paterson, N.J., decided to outfit its staff and students with Chromebooks.

Beginning under the leadership of former Director of Technology Chris Lewis, the Department of Technology’s outsized initiative pushed the limits of this motto. It provided a needed upgrade for classroom teachers, delivering improved security, better management and ease of use. It also positioned teachers for greater flexibility and improved collaboration opportunities in the classroom.

Necessity Drives Device Upgrades for K–12 Teachers

Prior to the move to Chromebooks, teachers at PPS relied on desktop computers that were tied to Promethean boards and other classroom resources. Teachers had limited access to digital resources once they left the classroom. But they did have a head start in their move.

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