Sep 20 2023

Watch & Learn: Maritime High School Students Navigate Their Own Learning

Students at Seattle’s Maritime High School decide when they’ve mastered a subject area, submitting work through an online portfolio to show their competency. Lessons in marine science, maritime construction and vessel operations are held in traditional classrooms and in the field, which often involves the school’s 40-foot ferry, Admiral Jack.

Teachers such as Joanna Rodriguez rely on Google Workspace for Education to track student progress and manage projects. “Every student is provided a Chromebook,” she says. “We use Google Sheets for data analysis and data comparison. They use Google Docs to write essays and reports, and they also use Google Slides to make presentations.”

As founding principal Tremain Holloway explains it, “it’s not project-based learning, it’s learning-based projects.”

DIVE DEEPER: Robotics projects teach students about science, technology, engineering and math.


    Tremain Holloway, Founding Principal, Maritime High School

    Joanna Rodriguez, STEM Educator, Maritime High School

Video Highlights

  • Students at Maritime High School are responsible for their own learning in the classroom and aboard the Admiral Jack.
  • Classroom technologies, such as Chromebooks and Google Workspace tools, power students’ learning and research.
  • Other K–12 schools should let students direct their learning and give them time to reflect on lessons and projects.