Four women leading digital transformation in school districts across the nation share the source code for their success.
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Report Card

Teachers Want a Say

A survey by ed tech company Clever revealed a discrepancy in the types of educational technologies school administrators and teachers select for teaching and learning.


From Farm to Equity

Growing up on a farm gave Diane W. Doersch an up-close-and-personal view of the digital divide. After officially retiring as a district CTO, she continues to advocate for digital equity.

Product Review

Secret Weapon

This portable and responsive gaming keyboard delivers a satisfying experience that puts K–12 gamers ahead of the pack.

Product Review

Designed for K-12 from the Ground Up

The new Microsoft Surface Laptop Special Edition was specifically created for younger students and the IT administrators who serve them.

Fact or Fallacy

Storage Is a Mixed Bag

With cyberattacks against K–12 school districts growing, IT leaders want to know which better protects their networks — local or cloud storage.

Tech Tips

Access Denied

Multifactor authentication alone won’t save school districts from unintentionally granting bad actors access to credentials. Here’s how to stop consent phishing attacks.

Get Smart

Candid Camera

IP Video security systems are now smarter than ever. Get up to speed before choosing your next cameras.

FAQ Five

Key Configurations

In the event of a disaster, downtime can be devastating for K–12 schools. Ask these questions when putting your configurations in motion.

IT Futurist

Ready Player Learn

While social media and gaming giants are investing heavily in the space, educators are using the metaverse for virtual field trips, STEM classes and physical education.



Gap, Narrowed

Two and a half years into the pandemic, schools work to solve digital equity issues that make it difficult for their students to get online at home.


Plugged In

K–12 schools with esports programs discover that competitive gaming not only prepares students for careers, but also increases student engagement.


Making Space for Virtual

With permanent, full-time virtual schools on the rise, K–12 districts are creating high-tech instructional spaces in buildings to support remote teaching.


Technology Trailblazers

Librarians’ unique expertise helps schools adopt and integrate technology for teaching and learning.


Letter From the Editor

Equity and Innovation

Schools are building inclusive, technology-infused environments for all.

Contributor Column

Show and SEL

Here are three ways teachers can use technology to support social-emotional wellness in K 12 classrooms.

Contributor Column

A Clearer View

IT leaders in K–12 need visibility into their data on both a network and classroom level to simplify audits, manage budgets and improve security.