Jun 16 2022

Review: Microsoft’s Portable Surface Laptop SE is Scaled Down Yet Powerful

The new Microsoft Surface Laptop Special Edition was specifically created for younger students and the IT administrators who serve them.

As schools and parents rushed to purchase laptops during the pandemic, it’s entirely possible that some bought devices that were not designed for K–12 students.

That is why Microsoft conducted research with elementary schools to find out what younger students really needed in a computing device. The new Microsoft Surface Laptop SE is the direct result of those efforts.

The Portable Microsoft Surface Laptop SE Boasts a Simplified Interface

Built from the ground up for the education market, the Microsoft Surface Laptop SE was designed to weigh less than 3 pounds so that it could easily slip into a child’s backpack. And because the SE might possibly be a young student’s first experience with a “real” computing device, the interface was simplified as much as possible and optimized to work with the laptop’s smaller screen.

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For example, all applications on the device launch in full-screen mode to take advantage of every bit of available screen real estate. Plus, the Windows 11 SE keeps all those little icons that sit at the bottom of the screen out of the way.

The device is fully optimized for displaying two applications at the same time. For example, it’s easy to create a lesson plan that pairs the Edge browser with a videoconferencing window using the 720p-resolution webcam. Both windows size perfectly across the entire screen.

K–12 IT Admins Get Full Control with the Microsoft Surface Laptop SE

Keeping students and their equipment safe from unauthorized applications is another advantage of the Microsoft Surface Laptop SE. School administrators can initially configure what applications are allowed on the laptops and how the devices should be used.

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The Microsoft Surface Laptop SE has a Celeron 1.1-gigahertz processor and 8 gigabytes of DDR4 SDRAM, which means the laptop can easily handle almost any educational or productivity applications. The 128GB solid-state hard drive makes things even more speedy. Plus, the SE is rugged enough to survive bouncing inside a backpack.

Microsoft also designed the Surface Laptop SE so that the most commonly broken or damaged components — the screen, keyboard and battery — can be easily replaced onsite.

Finally, despite being somewhat scaled down in size, the SE is still every bit a Surface laptop. It’s simply a smaller Surface, performing a tightly defined and important mission.

Microsoft Surface Laptop SE specs image



PROCESSOR: Celeron N4120 1.1GHz
SCREEN SIZE: 11.6 inches
HARD DRIVE: 128GB solid-state drive
DIMENSIONS: 11.2x7.6x0.7 inches
WEIGHT: 2.45 pounds

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