Universities that faced security breaches share advice from their experiences.
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FAQ Five

Team Building

A computer security incident response team can be a valuable tool for higher education.

Product Review

Picture Perfect

This powerful camera provides clear imagery for remote and hybrid learning.


An Online Blueprint

WGU’s David Morales explains how the online university uses technology for a personalized student experience.

Product Review

A Secure Approach

A context aware platform, McAfee MVISION UCE provides a bridge to a zero-trust environment.

Tech Tips

Complete Control

Amazon Web Services provides managed services and more to ease university deployment of cloud resources.

Get Smart

Building a Better Dashboard

Effective data visualization should provide actionable insights.

IT Futurist

Two of a Kind

Digital twin technology could be the next step in immersive learning.

Fact or Fallacy

Protection Policies

Cyber insurance can help universities recover losses from data breaches, but the proper infrastructure must be in place to qualify.



Studying Security

Cybersecurity training programs seek to provide hands-on experience, both remotely and in person.


Building Resilience

Colleges and universities share strategies for delivering fast and reliable computing, storage and networking performance.


Back to School

Community colleges see the value of investing in tools to support students over age 22.


The Right Tools

Proactively addressing student device and connectivity needs can boost enrollment and inspire success in college and beyond.


From the Editor

Prioritizing Student Success

Technology investments should be made with learners in mind.

Contributor Column

Defining Your Vision

Developing a post-pandemic value proposition means considering technology’s impact on the future of higher education.

Contributor Column

Ahead of the Curve

Meeting the evolving needs of faculty and students means evaluating your current processes and tools.