HPC can provide a competitive advantage, and is a teaching tool and a boon to research funds.
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Get Smart

People Power

The “people piece” may be the most challenging — and rewarding — part of IT optimization.

Tech Tips

Set for Takeoff

From marketing video to traffic studies, higher ed users find clever ways to put drones to work.

Product Review

Campus Workshop

Dremel’s 3D printer puts a new twist on history, science, art and other disciplines.

Tech Tips

In Focus

Digital cameras empower safety officers with better images and easier management.

IT Futurist

Mighty Mini

Tiny energy sources give a boost to self-sufficient computing.

Product Review

Threats, Intercepted

Security solution keeps endpoints safe from malware and ransomware.

On The Job

Shift Gears

Migrating to Windows 10 can be a complex process. Careful planning and the right tools make for a smooth transition.

Security Save

The Cryptocurrency Threat

Student computers have proved to be a lucrative resource for cryptomining.



Success Story

Troubled by uneven graduation rates, institutions use data to level the playing field.


By the Numbers

Universities use next-generation tools to centralize their data management.


Small Team? No Problem

Automation, virtualization and other tools save time and elevate campus services.


Library Science

From cloud services to smart assistants, campus libraries are rewriting the book on innovation.


Letter From the Editor

In the Spotlight

Higher education technology leaders find new ways to integrate technology to keep higher education relevant for the next generation of students.

Speaking from Experience

Protect and Serve

As technology erases the borders between disciplines, colleagues must coordinate crisis readiness and response.

Contributor Column

Innovation in Action

Data-driven initiatives give students integrated support and personalized interventions.