Colleges elevate active learning with major building and technology investments.
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Message Received

IT leaders share their experiences, tips and best practices on how to successfully move email to the cloud.

Tech Trends

An Ounce of Prevention

Whether standalone or integrated into a next-gen firewall, IPS is a valuable part of network security for higher education.

IT Futurist

When 5G Takes Off

At faster-than-brain-signal speed, next-gen wireless will support a whole new realm of possibilities.

Tech Insights

Cast a Wide Net

Low cost and easy deployment make Wi-Fi mesh networks a great alternative.

Tech Tips

Built-In Security

Microsoft Edge gives campus users an effortless layer of protection.

Product Review

Stay on Course

Intuitive flying and smart modes make this drone a user-friendly campus fit.

Get Smart

Built to Order

University technology professionals can offer valuable expertise when planning new facilities.

Product Review

A Perfect Platform

Customize and connect disk arrays to form a campuswide storage network.



Peak Performance

Academic centers help student-athletes succeed in the classroom and on the field.


Clear the Decks

Higher ed institutions turn to SSDs to power through bottlenecks and maximize performance.


Transformation Spotlights

Higher ed leaders identify areas with big potential — and the biggest challenges — for technology-driven change.


Digital Transformation

Campus leaders see a role for IT teams to help build a new foundation for higher education.


Balancing Act

Institutions improve performance and achieve cost savings by crafting the right mix of private and public clouds.


Speaking from Experience

The New CIO

This emerging leadership role helps higher ed institutions flourish in the new landscape.

Letter From the Editor

Have IT Your Way

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Speaking from Experience

Front and Center

From classrooms to cubicles, tech investments show a commitment to modern learning and working environments.