Instructor, trainer and blogger sees a bright future for teaching — and plenty of room for new solutions and strategies.

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Product Review

Out for a Spin

Samsung notebook combines speed, power and versatility in one impressive package.

Get Smart

The Research Question

Better conversations about research computing can help IT improve data protection and faculty collaboration.

Product Review

Chill Out

Hardware options boost cooling power and energy efficiency.

Tech Tips

Point Taken

Density, building materials and other factors affect users’ internet experience.

Security Save

Play the Long Game

Effective strategy requires careful staff planning and broad stakeholder input.

IT Futurist

Treatment on Demand

As counseling centers become overcrowded with students seeking aid, technology could increase efficiencies and provide better support.


Feature Sidebar

By The Numbers

Find out why higher ed IT staff are deploying hyperconverged tools in their data centers.

Feature Sidebar

After the Breach

Universities are enticing targets for hackers interested in confidential data.


Every Piece in Place

Amid evolving threats, higher education security solutions increase network visibility from the firewall out to endpoints — and everywhere in between.


Ready for Anything

IT prepares for the future with data center solutions that are flexible and scalable.


Good for Business

From forecasts to fundraising, colleges find diverse applications for data analytics.


Mix and Match

Hyperconverged solutions deliver benefits of the cloud with on-premises control.


Digital Equity

Rural colleges achieve digital equity with distance-learning solutions and online curricula.


Letter From the Editor

Creative approaches to tech solutions help educators deliver value in new ways.

Contributor Column

For Students, By Students

Inviting students to contribute to IT service delivery pays off for students and institutions alike.

Contributor Column

Culture Change

Tech departments have a unique opportunity to shape users’ day-to-day experiences.