K–12 school leaders say virtualization creates value for students, teachers and IT teams alike.
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Product Review

Peak Performance

This Wi-Fi 6 access point easily provides classrooms with faster service.


Lean In

Nearly 20 years after founding a graduate program to grow tech-savvy K–12 leaders, Scott McLeod says there is still a long way to go.

Report Card

The Tech Advantage

By optimizing their IT spending, districts can set themselves up to survive and thrive during tough times.

IT Futurist

Rethinking Biometrics

While some believe the technology can cause mischief, others see it as an invaluable security tool.

Tech Tips

Is That App Safe?

No program that vets ed tech for student privacy would be complete without considering federal laws, training, monitoring and more.

Security Save

Playing Defense

The OS update better protects K–12 environments and user data from evolving cyberthreats.

Product Review

Full Package

This student-friendly Chromebook wraps performance, durability and security into one device.

FAQ Five

Above the Cloud

As more schools turn to cloud-based collaboration platforms, here’s what they should know about selecting specialized security add-ons.

Get Smart

Smooth Operating

End of life for Windows 10 is October 2025. Stay ahead of the class with this action plan for making the upgrade.



All In

With security staff scarce in K–12, schools turn to cloud-based labor, tools and skill sets.


Here, There, Everywhere

With teacher vacancies on the rise, schools turn to remote teaching to save the day.


Calling in Backup

IT leaders rely on cybersecurity partners to help them cost-effectively safeguard their networks.


Ready for Any Storm

With ransomware on the rise in K–12, schools see cloud and other backups as security lifeboats.


Letter From the Editor

Risky Business

Understaffed K–12 teams make room for third-party experts and tools to shore up security.

Contributor Column

Hard Lessons

After comparing what we saw in the classroom to 21st century ed tech best practices, we found room for improvement.

Contributor Column

Setting the Stage

With schools better equipped to provide students access to networks and devices, security takes over as the top priority for IT professionals.