Dec 12 2023

Review: The Acer Chromebook 311 C723T Is a Versatile, Reliable Companion for K–12

This student-friendly Chromebook wraps performance, durability and security into one device.

While we hope that the world never faces another situation like the pandemic, it is prudent for schools to be prepared. Having a reliable infrastructure for online learning, including access to Chromebooks with high-definition webcams and quality microphones, serves as an insurance policy for the education system. It allows for educational continuity in case of emergencies, natural disasters or other unforeseen challenges.

The Acer Chromebook 311 C723T is an outstanding device that caters to the needs of students, teachers and IT professionals. With its high-performance octa-core MediaTek Kompanio 528 processor, serviceable keyboard design and impressive battery life, the C723T is durable and reliable.

A Powerful Device That Minimizes Learning Interruption

I reviewed the performance of the CPU and the integrated UHD Graphics 600 GPU by performing everyday classroom tasks that I would normally assign to students in my core subject area. Since I teach video production, video game design and 3D modeling to middle school students, I used online applications specific to each of those courses. I was impressed that every software application performed exceptionally well, and I experienced zero lag or latency.

Additionally, the 15-hour battery life of the Acer 311 C723T reduces interruptions and empowers students to make the most of their learning experiences.

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Acer Chromebook 311 C723T Stands up to Tough Classroom Antics

The C723T can also withstand the rugged world of K–12. Its shock-absorbent bumper protects it from drops as high as 4 feet, which is about the average height of a typical student desk. Additionally, widened brackets and reinforced ports protect it from inevitable bumps and tumbles. A spill-resistant keyboard protects internal components from liquid while the keys remain mechanically anchored. And the laptop’s hinge can withstand years of opening and closing.

I also appreciate how the C723T can open at a 180-degree angle, offering versatility in viewing. The “T” in C723T stands for “touch,” a feature particularly useful for K–12 students because touch makes interacting with this Chromebook more immersive and intuitive.In another test, I compared the C723T’s high-definition webcam and dual microphone system with a laptop that retails for four times more than the C723T by setting up a virtual web conference with a friend. I asked her to compare the quality of my video and audio signal using the C723T versus the more expensive laptop. Her conclusion was that both sounded “full and rich,” and both cameras produced pictures that were “equally clear.”

Teachers can appreciate the flexibility of kiosk or locked mode, which is ideal for conducting tests and exams. This feature helps maintain the integrity of the assessment process, preventing students from accessing unauthorized materials during tests. It should be noted that kiosk mode is only available as part of the Chrome Education upgrade or Chrome Enterprise.

Acer Chromebook



DISPLAY: 11.6-inch, 1366x768 HD IPS touch display
PORTS: Two USB 3.2 Type C; One USB 3.2. Gen-1 Type A
DIMENSIONS: 11.6x8.1x0.83 inches
WEIGHT: 2.98 pounds
MEMORY: 8GB Dual-channel LPDDR4X
GRAPHICS: Arm Mali-G52
CONNECTIVITY: Wi-Fi 6IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax


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