Feb 02 2024

Schools Are Reducing Their Cybersecurity Risks with These Strategies

Understaffed K–12 teams make room for third-party experts and tools to shore up security.

Like it or not, in addition to providing students with an education, schools are also in the business of managing risk. They store heaps of sensitive information, and it can be detrimental if that information falls into the wrong hands. Relying on internal teams to keep their information secure can be daunting, expensive and time-consuming.

This is concerning to K–12 schools. In a 2023 Consortium for School Networking survey, two-thirds of ed tech leaders said their district does not have enough resources to deal with cybersecurity issues.

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This is why some schools see working with a partner to protect or store their data as a non-negotiable part of their cyber risk management strategy. This type of support not only frees onsite IT staff to focus on the school’s primary mission but also offers them peace of mind.

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