A combination of student devices and technology infrastructure takes learning outside of school walls.
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Product Review

A Close Watch

Clear up campus blind spots with this powerful and comprehensive omnidirectional dome camera.


Privacy Pioneer

Many schools share confidential student information, Steve Smith warns.

Tech Tips

Threats Interrupted

Technology can help fight physical and cyber threats to mobile devices.

Security Save

Stress Less

These proven best practices protect K–12 data from bad actors, bad weather and other tragedies.

Product Review

Raising the Bar

This digital projector easily elevates K–12 learning with seamless collaboration and brilliant visuals.

IT Futurist

Tip of the Tongue

For K–12 students who can’t use hand- or voice-activated assistive tech, the tongue-operated MouthPad could be revolutionary.

Report Card

Prioritizing Professional Development

Professional development is a vital part of optimizing the device ecosystem for any educational institution.

Get Smart

Designing for Wi-Fi 6

When upgrading Wi-Fi, keep three best practices in mind to ensure faster downloads, quicker uploads and higher density.



Where Are They Now?

Consolidated asset management gives schools better control over essential inventory.


Leading the Charge

Charging technologies play essential roles in keeping learning on track.

Shared Smarts

Back-to-School Tech

Students to get more exposure to artificial intelligence, video games and computer science.


Built for Speed

Schools across the nation are bolstering their wireless networks for better engagement and more reliable connection speeds.


Lights, Cameras, Safety

K–12 leaders say IP cameras offer real-time visibility, allow schools to detect incidents faster, and can even prevent violence and crime.


Letter From the Editor

Technology to the Rescue

These tools meet K–12 school needs and save time and money.

Contributor Column

What Would Amazon Do?

Schools should think more like tech companies to make it easier to choose public education.

Contributor Column

Planning for AI

Presenters at the State Education Technology Directors Association’s Emerging Trends Forum spoke on AI in the context of future careers, equity and security.