Oct 27 2023

How Technology Can Help Solve Education’s Stickiest Problems

These tools meet K–12 school needs and save time and money.

Before K–12 students even step onto school grounds, they are supported by an invisible matrix of technologies that make learning possible. As they navigate the school day, those technologies continue to work on their behalf to seamlessly usher them from one experience to the next. But take away one or more of these tools, and teachers, school resource officers and even administrators would have a more difficult time supporting the student population.

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What are the tools that undergird essential systems inside and outside of the classroom? And how are schools using them to solve their stickiest problems?

Check out the stories below from the Fall 2023 issue of the magazine. For a preview of what’s inside this issue, watch this short video with Taashi Rowe, managing editor for EdTech: Focus on K–12.



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