With proper planning, training and IT investments, speedy deployments can be successful.
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Get Smart

Use the Key Elements of Digital Citizenship

Students should learn to be safe, social and savvy online.

Product Review

Adjust to Learn

Sit-stand desk allows teachers and students to adjust their workspace to the perfect height for teaching and learning.

Tech Tips

Now Hear This

A second internet circuit and firewall can help you on your way to lower costs and higher-quality calls.

Product Review

Crystal-Clear Communication

Speakerphone provides an easy-to-use platform with advanced features for distance learning and training.

Tech Tips

A Perfect Fit

These strategies can help lay the foundation for capacity and utility now and in the future.

IT Futurist

Learning in 3D

Microsoft’s HoloLens uses an advanced optical projection system to generate images.

Security Save

Going Rogue

Users going rogue with hardware and downloads becomes a concern for K–12 IT shops.

Tech Trends

Workforce Ready

One New Jersey Teacher uses these flying machines to make math concepts more concrete.



Job Security

Some programs tap expertise from local businesses, colleges on cybersecurity initiatives.


Learning Spaces: The New Frontier

K–12 schools redesign classrooms to emphasize openness, flexibility and collaboration.


Level the Field

Community involvement, certifications give high school students a leg up.


The AV Club

Students and teachers bond over 3D display, interactive and sound technologies in the classroom.


Letter From the Editor

Personalized Space

Students come out winners with more engagement, autonomy and collaboration with peers.

Contributor Column

Upgrade Now for IoT

Districts should prepare infrastructures now for onslaught of smart devices.

Contributor Column

Build a Top-Notch InfoSec Team

Empower your staff with professional development and training as well as top-notch technology.