School districts design new classrooms that address current and future academic and technology needs.
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Tech Tips

Student Hackers Benefit Schools

Teachers, school districts and organizations all have a part to play to teach future cyberwarriors.

Tech Tips

Add Another Dimension to the Classroom

A successful program needs a knowledgeable team, momentum and a system in place.


A Whole New World

District used innovative partnerships and VR to expand its students’ horizons.

Tech Tips

Give Wi-Fi a Boost

These strategies can help your school’s wireless infrastructure meet its mission-critical demands.

Product Review

Best of Both Worlds

Acer's Chrome OS tablet is easy to use, and offers students flexibility, speed and a long battery life.

IT Futurist

Go Local

Experts see IoT, augmented and virtual reality and student outcomes as areas that could benefit from edge computing.

Security Save

Files on Lockdown

Schools can turn to endpoint protection, patch management, whitelisting to stay free of malware.

Tech Tips

Is Your Network Vulnerable?

Both strengthen your security posture, as long as you choose the right tool for the job at hand.

Product Review

Take Flight

The popular drone comes with controls and equipment that make flying simple.



Mix It Up

Teachers need exposure to technology and pedagogy at least 20 times to feel comfortable going forward, according to a blended and online learning expert.


Fair Games

Experts offer tips on how to make programs robust and successful and ‘infuse STEM thinking and culture into every classroom.’


Broader Broadband

One-to-one programs stall without robust infrastructure backing them, school experts say.


Watch and Learn

Monitoring software can prevent incursions into forbidden digital territory and help identify troubled students.


Letter From the Editor

Launch into STEM Future

Science and technology classes are crucial to prepare students with the skills they will need to be a part of the next workforce generation.

Contributor Column

Makerspace Educators Need PD

Districts should support these STEM areas that break away from the mold.