Districts share tips for setting up the IT framework necessary to support individualized instruction.

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Taking Measure

Is Your IT Program Adding Value?

Guarantee cost savings by strategically planning and managing IT investments.

IT Futurist

Immersive Learning

Soon students will sense movement, explore the human body in 3D and mix chemicals virtually thanks to companies like Oculus, Facebook and Nearpod.

Product Review

New Book for a New Age

Stamina, strength and stability make this Acer an attractive option for IT professionals and educators.

Tech Trends

Rock and Rollout

Districts offer tips and tricks for a smooth migration.

Product Review

Fast and Flexible

Hyperconverged infrastructure brings cloudlike functionality to in-house data centers.



Squad Goals

Getting input before purchasing devices clears a path to technology that supports curriculum and instruction.


Make It Work

Schools offer tips on setting up hands-on learning in all kinds of spaces.


Come Hell or High Water … and Beyond

Other real benefits include access and uptime for the data center and network services.


Moving On Up

BYOD and 1-to-1 programs yield classroom benefits and spur infrastructure investments.


Contributor Column

Keep Testing on Track

Advance preparation, solid infrastructure are key for administering student assessments.

Letter From the Editor

Shared Responsibility

National Cyber Security Awareness Month demonstrates the power of user education in combating threats.

Contributor Column

Schools should introduce technology courses earlier and demystify CompSci.