Nov 16 2023

Quiz: What Type of Ed Tech Superhero Are You?

Are you an avenger, a crusader or a daredevil? Find out here.

In a world awash in technology, K–12 students and teachers also benefit from tech that’s specifically designed for the classroom. With ed tech, teachers can automate manual tasks, engage students, increase collaboration, flip their classrooms and more.

According to a recent survey from Clever about ed tech, 68 percent of teachers cite efficiency gains as ed tech’s main advantage, while 74 percent of administrators say ed tech can improve teacher effectiveness.

With the value of ed tech so clear, it’s also indisputable that the people tasked with incorporating these tools into classrooms — from teacher volunteers to instructional integration specialists to IT professionals — are vital. To the teachers whom they help get up to speed, they are a special type of hero: ed tech superheroes. And we know that not all heroes wear capes.

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Just as there are different types of teachers, there are also different types of ed tech heroes. If you are an ed tech aficionado, take our quiz below to discover your ed tech superhero personality. Or download the quiz to share with your favorite ed tech expert!

Download the quiz here!

Digital Experience Quiz
Getty Images: yogysic, Stanislav Potapov

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