Dec 05 2019

Review: Promethean ActivPanel Titanium Has Many Teacher-Friendly Features

This redesigned whiteboard provides a seamless and simplified user experience.

It was no surprise to learn Promethean’s ActivPanel Titanium was designed with teachers like me in mind. It comes equipped with numerous teacher-friendly features such as an ergonomic, angled control console that offers quick access to the new unified menu, volume controls, source selection and more. That’s a welcome change from most interactive displays, which use a flat control console.

Another plus: Other touch-screen monitors require a computer to interact with the board, but not the Titanium. The display includes the Promethean app suite, which needs only a wireless connection. 

The new unified menu is another welcome addition to the Titanium — no more searching for commonly used tools. Users can access the menu from the bottom, left or right sides of the screen. Intuitive buttons such as home, whiteboard, capture, annotate and source are conveniently clustered together. There’s even a “locker” button, where users can store their favorite apps, tools and files. 

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Unique Writing Technology Feels Like Using Pen and Paper

Writing on the Titanium screen feels natural thanks to Promethean’s Vellum Writing Technology. While testing, I experienced zero lag or false strokes. Even more impressive, the device automatically detected whether I was using a stylus or a finger, or erasing with my palm. As new content is added, the continuous scroll feature kicks in, and a map appears in the corner to let the user know where work is located. There’s also seamless integration that allows users to save whiteboard files and then export them as PDFs or open them on other Promethean displays.

Another cool feature is the Titanium’s wide variety of backgrounds, such as notebook paper, handwriting worksheets, graph paper and even music staff paper. The text and the background are grouped together and can be scaled with the familiar pinch and zoom. 

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Activpanel Titanium


Accessories Offer Seamless Integration with Google Apps

Get added versatility with an Open Pluggable Specification computing module, a plug-in format for flat-panel displays. An OPS module fits into a slot on the back of the display and enables added computing capability. Another device, the Google Chromebox, essentially enables the Titanium to function as a giant Chromebook. Choosing one of these options is a must for teachers who wish to run Google apps through their interactive whiteboard.

Try Features That Save Time and Support Collaboration

Here’s an idea for a quick warm-up exercise before class: Invite students to write words of encouragement on the board. When I did this in my class, students wrote phrases like “be your best self” and “dream big” across the surface. I was immediately impressed to discover the device supports up to 20 simultaneous touchpoints.

The split screen is a feature that can help save time and foster collaboration. For example, a math teacher who wants to work one on one with a student to teach a difficult concept can write a problem on the left and right sides of the board, then tap the split-screen icon to freeze the problem. The teacher demonstrates how to solve the problem on the left side, and the student attempts to solve it on the right. The student can erase only his or her own work. 

Media production teachers will appreciate the Titanium’s instant green screen. Constructing a green screen can be a bit of hassle, requiring steps such as stretching green fabric over a surface or painting the surface green. There’s the added headache of lighting. But with the interactive display’s instant green screen feature, users select a green background and the device provides an evenly lit screen.

Promethean ActivPanel Titanium

Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Memory: 4GB RAM
Storage: 64GB
OS: Android 8
Resolution: 3840x2160
Screen: 70-inch 4K UHD or larger 

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