The more remote its location, the more likely a school will need high-quality broadband solutions.
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Product Review

Big Security for Smaller Classrooms

This managed switch provides protection all the way to the network edge.

Security Save

Ransomware: To Pay or Not to Pay?

With attacks on the rise, universities face a tough question with no easy answer.

CIO Interview

From Lab to Leadership

Melissa Woo brings broad experience and an exacting vision to Michigan State University.

Product Review

Nonstop Power

What IT departments need to know to protect students, faculty and data from downtime.

FAQ Five

Assessing the Assessment

To defend against ransomware, it’s important to know what questions a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment should answer.

Get Smart

Saying Goodbye to Legacy Technology

How do you know when a solution has outlived its usefulness?

Tech Tips

When IT Upgrades Mean Cutting Costs

Here are four tips for creating long-term cost reductions when making IT improvements.

IT Futurist

Virtual, Touchable Reality

Since VR’s inception, its technologies have been almost entirely visual. That’s changing.



A Balancing Act

Partnerships between privacy and security offices help colleges leverage and protect data without compromising confidentiality.


Cloud Ready, Cloud Secure

Data security remains a top priority as universities adopt cloud-based solutions and services.


At the Helm

As schools prepare for students, faculty and staff to return to campus, university IT teams are coordinating enhanced in-person and remote resources.


From the Editor

Foundations for a Strong Future

Across the education landscape, universities and colleges are finding innovative solutions to resolve pressing challenges.

Contributor Column

In Short Supply

Expect more disruptions in the future and plan ahead for a more effective business continuity plan.

Contributor Column

A Top-Tier Digital Learning Experience

To enhance online learning programs, Maryville University embraces AI, blockchain, data science and more.