Aug 10 2021

The Benefits of a Managed Switch for Securing Smaller Classrooms

This managed switch provides protection all the way to the network edge.

Smaller classrooms, especially for highly specific or advanced subjects, have long been equated with individualized learning and higher-quality education. From a cybersecurity perspective, however, having a lot of smaller groups and remote locations vastly increases the attack surface that can be exploited.

Most classrooms are fully connected to core servers and services despite their size or location, but they don’t always enjoy the same level of cyber­security protection. This is especially true for remote classrooms, which might be located offsite, possibly a great distance from campus. Inconsistent levels of security, automation and orchestration invite breaches that can affect an entire organization.

Supporting a Unified Cybersecurity Policy

With plenty of throughput and backplane to support traffic going through all of its 10 Power over Ethernet ports, the SonicWall SWS12-10FPOE switch functions well on its own. However, it really shines when added to a network alongside other SonicWall appliances.

If you have a SonicWall firewall protecting your network, even if it’s at another location, you can easily connect the two and allow the firewall to automatically configure the new switch. The zero-touch deployment takes about a minute to set up. Thereafter, whatever rules administrators use to protect their networks will apply to the switch, plus any device that connects to it.

This enables a unified cybersecurity policy across an entire organization. It also ensures devices are updated before connecting to the network.



Secure Classrooms and Learning Annexes From One Location

Once connected, the switch can be managed through the graphical interface on the firewall. This includes virtual local area network configuration, access rules, wireless connectivity and policies for any other connected devices.

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Any changes made to the firewall can apply to a specific switch or to every switch using the firewall. This allows control of all classrooms, learning annexes and remote offices from one location. You can even stack up to eight switches per firewall.

You can control almost everything happening on any switch from the firewall, with just a few exceptions for some really deep applications or behaviors. For those, you can log in directly to the switch. Although changes made locally will apply only to that switch, the graphical user interface is nearly identical.

The SonicWall SWS12-10FPOE switch can unify cybersecurity for remote classrooms and offices, and it can do it with no local expert required.


Switching capacity: 24Gbps
Number of ports: 12
VLAN capacity: 4,096
PoE budget: 130 watts
RAM size: 256MB
Dimensions: 13x9.1x1.7 inches 
Weight: 5.51 pounds


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