Sep 07 2022

Universities Work to Combine In-Person and Online Student Experiences

Balancing the traditional on-campus experience with the flexibility of online learning requires careful planning.

As campuses reopen for another school year and colleges and universities move closer to normalcy, the higher education landscape will look different from what we’ve seen. Higher ed has never been a one-size-fits-all solution for every student, and that is more apparent now than ever before.

Universities are increasingly looking to strike a balance between the traditional on-campus experience and the flexibility of online learning. Maintaining this balance requires thoughtful planning and the right investments to meet the needs of students while also demonstrating the value of the college experience.

Supporting a Blended Future in Higher Education

Colleges and universities are adding this value to the on-campus experience through innovative programs and features to entice students to engage in person. At the University of North Carolina Greensboro, a new esports arena is drawing interest from students from all academic disciplines and fostering career growth.

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University sports arenas, like the one at the University of Pittsburgh, are boosting their Wi-Fi capabilities to support networking demands for fans attending home games. Universities like Howard University are demonstrating the value of learning tech skills in the classroom via a new cloud computing curriculum designed to meet employer needs.

Other institutions are beefing up tech on campus to support hybrid initiatives. At the University of Michigan, the Central Campus Classroom Building fosters collaborative and innovative in-person learning experiences, and added technology also supports remote learners. Cloud-based telephony solutions help keep the remote and in-person workforce connected at Butler Community College and enhance collaboration between teachers and students without compromising privacy.

We know the value of the higher education experience because we see it in action every day. Now it’s up to all of us to prove that value to those who need to realize it the most.


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Ryan Petersen
Editor in Chief

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