Jan 26 2022

Watch & Learn: From Special Education to Vocation

Vocational classes for special education students used to entail mainly custodial training. Now, special education teachers are setting out to change that. We spoke with two special education teachers in California who use science, technology, engineering and math lessons to introduce advanced technology to their students. Using STEM devices gets the students excited about learning, shows them — and everyone else — what they are capable of and sets them up for future technology careers. The educators also shared how other school districts can incorporate advanced tech into their classrooms.

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    Darren Crist, Special Education Teacher, Val Verde Unified School District

    Barbara Pastuschek, Business & Technology Pathway Lead and Special Education Teacher, San Bernardino City Unified School District

Video Highlights

  • Teaching special education students to use STEM devices prepares them for a career in technology.

  • In exhibiting a 3D printer at a school STEAM fair, a nonverbal autistic student began excitedly explaining the technology to another principal.

  • Students’ abilities and personalities come through with technology. All schools should invest in ed tech for their special education programs.