Jul 09 2024

ISTELive 24: Navigating Dyslexia with AI Technologies

Technology was already helping 14-year-old Makenzie Gilkison manage her dyslexia. Now, she has even more powerful tools at her disposal, thanks to artificial intelligence. She urges students and teachers to use tools that level the playing field for students, whether or not they’ve been diagnosed with a disability as she has.

AI in education strategist Holly Clark, author of “The AI Infused Classroom,” shares even deeper knowledge about the ways AI tools can help students without leading to misuse or inappropriate conduct.

As AI and other tech advancements continue to rapidly evolve, schools will need to re-evaluate the ways they’re supporting all students with technology.

DIVE DEEPER: Does your school have the infrastructure to support AI?


    Makenzie Gilkison, Ninth Grade Student

    Holly Clark, AI in Education Strategist

Video Highlights

  • Educators shouldn’t single out students with disabilities, but they should ensure that their accommodations are enabled and functioning properly.
  • AI-powered tools can help students manage their disabilities, such as dyslexia, with guardrails that maintain an ethical and safe learning environment.
  • Technologies for students with disabilities can benefit all learners in a classroom because no two people learn the same way.