May 22 2023

Designing a Modern K-12 Classroom: A Conversation with K-12 IT and Instruction Leaders

Irving Independent School District is no stranger to digital innovation. Nestled between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, the district of 32,000 students has spent more than 20 years integrating technology into the classroom. It was one of the first districts in the nation to launch a one-to-one program in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Irving ISD’s Shane Smith, director of technical services, and James Tiggeman, assistant director of digital learning, say designing and building a modern, digitally integrated classroom requires intentional collaboration between administrators, teachers and students.

At the heart of these modern classrooms, Smith and Tiggeman work to prepare students for a world that is built for technology. So far, the outcome is positive. The district has a 94.3 percent graduation rate, 33 career and technical education programs, 30 advanced placement classes and 96 dual-credit courses, and students have earned 1,536 industry-based certifications. 


    Shane Smith, Director of Technical Services, Irving ISD 

    James Tiggeman, Assistant Director of Digital Learning, Irving ISD

    Taashi Rowe, Managing Editor, EdTech: Focus on K-12

Video Highlights

  • Education is the catalyst to breaking the poverty cycle, and using transformative technology in the classroom is key.
  • An inclusive technology plan closes the gaps between affluent and economically disadvantaged students.
  • Seamless technology integration puts the focus on instruction and students, not devices.
  • Efficient use of technology in the classroom requires adequate professional development and a supportive digital coaching staff.
  • A fully staffed, responsive technology team provides a safety net for teachers to feel comfortable using technology in their classrooms.