Jul 08 2022

Rolling the DICE on the Metaverse

As the web continues to evolve toward Web3, its most advanced form yet, the metaverse continues to grow in popularity. We spoke with Vriti Saraf, CEO and founder of k20 Educators and co-founder of Ed3 DAO, to get a primer on why educators should integrate the metaverse into education.

DIVE DEEPER: Learn how K–12 schools are already using the metaverse for education.


    • Vriti Saraf
      CEO and Founder, k20 Educators
      Co-Founder, Ed3 DAO

Video Highlights

  • Augmented and virtual reality platforms like Minecraft, Meta and Roblox do not constitute the metaverse itself, but they are in the ecosystem of the metaverse.
  • An estimated 300 million kids use Minecraft and Roblox every day for play, which can be extended into learning.
  • K–12 students can use the metaverse to explore learning experiences that would otherwise be dangerous, impossible, counterproductive or expensive.
  • The metaverse can be used anytime, anywhere, and for most age ranges. However, educators will need to optimize student access and use by age group.