Jul 27 2022

One-Man IT Staff Builds Support for K–12 School from the Ground Up

Working against looming deadlines, The Lincoln Academy public charter school partnered with corporate and community stakeholders to build a STEM-infused K–12 program integrating tech throughout all grades, just in time to welcome its first incoming class in September 2021.

The 115,000-square-foot charter school in Beloit, Wis., exposes students to academic and vocational learning tracks, including welding, agricultural science and EMT classes in more than 17 specially designed labs and learning spaces.

Director of Technology Marc Anderson, The Lincoln Academy’s one-man IT team, worked closely with Chief Education Officer Kristi Cole to optimize and future-proof the school by building out the tech infrastructure, standing up a single-pane network management system and coordinating wireless content sharing for flexible learning.

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    Priscilla El-Amin, Principal, The Lincoln Academy

    Matt Schultz, Teacher, The Lincoln Academy

    Kristi Cole, Chief Education Officer, The Lincoln Academy

    Marc Anderson, Director of Technology, The Lincoln Academy

Video Highlights

  • Director of Technology Marc Anderson helped build the Lincoln Academy from the ground up and maintains the charter school’s technology from a single-pane network management system.
  • Leaders at the Beloit, Wis., K–12 school worked with community and corporate partners to identify career pathways that expose students equally to academic and vocational opportunities.
  • The school’s technology optimizes instruction delivery for teachers and customizes STEM-driven learning for students at all grade levels.