Apr 11 2023

Watch & Learn: Technology Untethers Teachers from Their Desks

Teachers at Bay District (Fla.) Schools and Caldwell County (N.C.) Schools have long used technology to improve classroom instruction. However, they recently started to incorporate more flexibility into their teaching tools.

As the districts went through their technology refresh cycles, they intentionally selected wireless mice, keyboards, rolling podiums and even a voice assistant that allows teachers to continue the pace of their lessons, no matter where they are in their classrooms. Educators say these technologies have added more interactivity and freedom to their teaching.

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    Rhonda Sumpter, Supervisor, Instructional Technology and Media Services, Bay District Schools (Fla.)

    Cody Greene, Technology Director, Caldwell County Schools (N.C.)

    Dwight McGlynn, Music Teacher, Caldwell County Schools (N.C.)

Video Highlights

  • Wireless mice and keyboards and mobile podiums support portability and allow teachers to easily interact with their students, wherever they are in the classroom.
  • Teachers are using the Merlyn Mind voice assistant, which is powered by artificial intelligence, to pull and display documents from their computers without having to return to their desks.
  • These mobile technologies gives teachers the flexibility to focus on lessons and their students instead of the technology.