Jul 08 2022

ISTELive 2022: Promethean ActivPanel 9 Premium Series Demo

As a leader in the interactive whiteboard category, Promethean knows a thing or two when it comes to collaborative classroom technology. The latest version of its ActivPanel 9 Premium series whiteboards were on display at ISTELive, and we had the opportunity to get a personal demo of some of the new functionality and enhancements that come with it. Teachers will have more flexibility when it comes to personalization, access to cloud-based files and resources, and more robust identity management that will allow them to easily log in to any ActivPanel with an NFC card.

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    • Matt Cole, Senior Vice President of Sales, Promethean
    • Anna Tressler, Education Consultant, Promethean

Video Highlights

  • After nearly two years of virtual instruction, classroom collaboration is more critical than ever for both synchronous and asynchronous learning.
  • The ActivPanel 9 Premium series offers several new features and enhancements, allowing teachers to quickly log in to any ActivPanel and take their data with them.
  • New ActivSync technology allows teachers to share into shared drives directly from the display.