Jun 29 2021

ISTELive 21: Working Toward Digital Equity and Social-Emotional Learning in K–12

After a year of online and hybrid instruction for many districts, school leaders must not lose sight of the work they’ve done in support of digital equity when students return to the classroom. There are still ways to improve learning environments to best support students. Social-emotional learning will continue to be vital as students process the difficulties of the past year. We spoke with ISTE authors Jessica Pack and Julia Torres about how educators can provide support to the students who need it most.

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    Jessica Pack, Sixth Grade Teacher, James Workman Middle School

    Julia Torres, Librarian, Denver Public Schools

Video Highlights

  • Schools should reflect on educational inequities as they pertain to race, access and instruction to build a better future for education.

  • Educators can gain a lot of insight from listening to student input and making changes with empathy.

  • Social-emotional learning includes students’ ability to take responsibility for their actions. Educators can encourage this by empowering students and making space for their personal growth.