Mar 04 2021

CoSN2021: Succeeding with Digital Transformation in K–12

Digital transformation is a buzzword that can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. What can IT leaders in school districts learn from a peer who has successfully implemented digital transformation to improve outcomes for students and educators? During CoSN2021, we spoke with Dwayne Alton, executive director of technology operations for the School District of Lee County, Fla., about how digital transformation enables teachers and students to differentiate how they teach and learn. 

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    Dwayne Alton, Executive Director, Technology Operations, School District of Lee County

Video Highlights

  • Digital transformation involves not just updating technology but also ensuring equity, so students have access to the technology they need in school and at home. 
  • Lee County created a learning object repository for teachers to search for content by topic, standard and grade level.
  • Digital transformation ultimately means enabling teachers and students to differentiate the kind of learning that goes on in classrooms.