Oct 24 2019

A Love of Learning: Modern Classrooms Embrace Energy, Flexibility and Teamwork

At Rochester (N.Y.) City School District, administrators wanted to design a modern learning environment that would excite and engage students. See how they were able to turn a dream classroom into a reality through CDW's Blueprint to Design™ service. 


    Glen VanDerwater, Executive Director of Instructional Technology, Rochester (N.Y.) City School District

    Annmarie Lehner, CIO, Rochester (N.Y.) City School District

    Sheldon Cox, Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, Rochester (N.Y.) City School District


Video Highlights

  • Administrators at Rochester (N.Y.) City School District realized a modern learning environment would need to encourage students to be active collaborators and participants in their own education.
  • Rochester (N.Y.) CSD approached digital transformation in three areas: classroom hardware, professional development and digital courseware.
  • CDW's Blueprint to Design service™ allowed Rochester (N.Y.) CSD administrators to imagine and design their perfect modern learning environment, ensuring they had the tools to service all students.