Jun 24 2019

ISTE 2019: Adobe Spark Makes It Easy to Create and Collaborate

Adobe Spark gives students and teachers user-friendly tools to make and share videos, web pages and social media posts. Users say this web-based application offers enough versatility to let students' creativity flourish, while providing enough support that they aren't overwhelmed by the technology. Because it is web-based, students can access their work easily on any device.


    • Tacy Trowbridge, Head of Global Education Programs, Adobe
    • Claudio Zavala Jr., Instructional Technology Coordinator, Duncanville Independent School District
    • Tanya Avrith, Education Evangelist, Adobe

Video Highlights

  • With video, web and post capabilities, Adobe Spark lets students choose a variety of media to tell a story, making creativity an integral part of the lesson.
  • A video narration feature lets students articulate their thought process, giving teachers an additional layer of insight into their work. 
  • Adobe Spark is a user-friendly solution that can teach digital literacy and facilitate problem-solving, a valuable skill for young learners.  

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