Jul 03 2024

ISTELive 24: Get Started with Video Creation Projects for Students

Allowing students to create videos to showcase their learning can more fully engage them in the lessons. While many of today’s digital natives come into the classroom knowing the basics of video creation, thanks to the medium’s popularity on social platforms, they often still need guidance from teachers to connect videography to learning.

Tools from Microsoft and Adobe make it easier for K–12 educators to teach and incorporate video creation in their classes. However, even with these tools, finding a place to start can be daunting. From knowing your audience to working with artificial intelligence, videography experts weighed in at ISTELive 24 in Denver.

DIVE DEEPER: Modernize your applications to support video creation in the classroom.


    Josh Stock, 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher, Olathe (Kan.) Public Schools

    Erika Sandstrom, Digital Learning Coach and Digital Media Teacher, Peabody (Mass.) Public Schools

Video Highlights

  • When students create videos in the classroom, they become more engaged in the lesson and can better retain the information they’re taught.
  • Start with small projects that can be turned into videos and teach students the technical skills to keep their audience engaged.
  • From Microsoft and Adobe products to artificial intelligence, find the best educational technology tools for creating videos in your school and stick to them.