Jun 26 2018

ISTE 2018: California District Pursues Data-Driven Decision-Making

California's largest high school had a lot of data, but no way to bring that information together to yield insights that could inform decisions. Today, they have Kernalytics, a program that educators and administrators can use to better understand and guide what's happening in their schools.


    • Crystal Hoffmann, District Literacy/Kernalytics Coordinator, Kern High School District
    • Paul Schwartz, Business Applications Coordinator, Kern High School District
    • Scott Odlin, Stockdale High School Principal, Kern High School District
    • Kyle Atkin, Math Coordinator, Kern High School District


Video Highlights

  • Dashboards let educators review and assess information without having to make special requests to IT staff. 
  • Principals can compare their students' needs and progress against districtwide information, which lets them customize the resources they provide to each school.
  • Project leaders say their advice to other districts is simply to get started, with the goals of learning from any mistakes they make along the way and continuing to refine their data program.

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