Jun 30 2014

ISTE 2014: STEAM Opening the Doors to Creativity

Educators discuss the merits of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) and project-based learning.



    • Warren Dale, Learning Facilitator
    • LeVar Burton, Co-Founder & Curator-in-Chief of Reading Rainbow
    • Kelly Sain, Boulder Valley School District
    • Andrew Swickheimer, Noblesville School
    • John Schuler, Osage Trail Middle School
    • Joe Taylor, Wheeling High School

Video Highlights

  • If school is like baking a cake, then core components like math and science are the flour, and arts are the sugar. "That cake just isn't going to taste as good without the sugar," says John Schuler.
  • LeVar Burton says it's critical to allow students to explore their creative notions, since these are what have fueled inventions since the dawn of civilization.
  • Incorporating the arts into different subjects encourages creativity and exploring avenues students may never have considered, says Andrew Swickheimer.