Mar 29 2024

How to Build a Sustainable, High-Tech School District Where Chromebooks Are Key to Learning

Students at DeKalb County School District, a large, Atlanta-area K–12 district, never have to worry about having their high-tech learning environment interrupted. As a one-to-one district, the community is committed to supporting digital equity where students, known as Digital Dreamers, are constantly building their technology skill sets.

This is due to a sustainable device ecosystem strategy that involves outsourcing configuration, deployment and break/fix services that keep student Chromebooks ready to use.

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    Monika Davis, CIO, Dekalb County School District 

    Payton Black, 10th Grade, Dekalb County School District

    Devon Horton, Superintendent, Dekalb County School District

    Angelo Simpson III, 12th Grade, Dekalb County School District

    Josh King, CEO, Lexicon Technologies

    Corey Gordon, Education Strategist, CDW

    Tiffany Sims, Principal, Towers High School

    Nathan Scott, 10th Grade, Dekalb County School District

Video Highlights

  • Devices enable anywhere, anytime learning; prepare students for the future; and give them confidence to try new projects.
  • A strong device ecosystem needs the backing of the school board to fund supportive infrastructure or a digital village that makes one-to-one a success.
  • Outsourcing device management is a key part of a sustainable technology lifecycle strategy, as it frees up internal IT workers to focus on students and staff.