Jul 24 2018

Logistics of 1:1 Programs Put Questions on the Table for K–12 Districts

School districts have numerous decisions to make as they plan and launch one-to-one computing initiatives. To help K–12 schools transition into their one-to-one programs, experts weigh in on some of the most important details for teachers, faculty and administrators to remember.


    • Mike Ribble, District Director of Technology, Manhattan-Ogden Unified School District 383
    • Scott Harris, Technology Director, Neosho School District
    • David Andrade, K–12 Education Strategist, CDW•G

Video Highlights

  • In implementing one-to-one programs, districts must consider everything from infrastructure support to management of devices that students take home.
  • Schools must review wireless networks and access points to ensure they can accommodate an increase in devices.
  • After identifying a desired deployment date, district leaders and IT staff can work backward to build a timeline of necessary steps toward launch.