Mar 03 2021

CoSN2021: Making Digital Equity Actionable

The problem of digital equity has been identified, and the causes and effects have been dissected. But what can be done about digital equity in the near term? Ken Shelton, keynote speaker at CoSN2021, says that big changes can occur at the district level through assessments and barrier analysis. It's also important to integrate and align key players within the district who are best positioned to impact change when it comes to digital equity.

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    Ken Shelton, Speaker and Educational Strategist

Video Highlights

  • Start digging into digital equity issues by doing an internal assessment and identifying the barriers to achieving digital equity.
  • Superintendents are best suited to kick-start and drive initiatives toward digital equity because they can engage both site administrators and elected officials.
  • Educators must focus on closing this gap as aggressively as possible, because students and educators who suffer from digital inequity are really experiencing what Shelton calls "digital poverty."