Jun 29 2021

ISTELive 21: Post-Pandemic Lessons for the Future of K–12 Education

Virtual learning had existed for more than 20 years when the pandemic shifted all students and teachers online. This unprecedented experience opened many students up to the idea of learning remotely full time, and as a result, schools across the country are considering some virtual-only options for fall. During ISTELive 21, we spoke with John Watson, founder of the Evergreen Education Group, and Claudio Zavala Jr., digital designer for Burleson Independent School District, about the lessons K–12 leaders should be considering for the future of education.

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    John Watson, Founder, Evergreen Education Group

    Claudio Zavala Jr., Digital Designer, Burleson Independent School District

Video Highlights

  • The digital tools and skills acquired during the pandemic have helped students learn and innovate in new ways that can continue in future education models.

  • Schools have begun to create virtual-only learning environments for the coming school year as a response to parent and student interest.

  • All students should have the option to learn in the environments that best suit them, whether that is virtual or in person.