Jul 01 2021

ISTELive 21: Teaching Culturally Responsive STEM in K–12

K–12 schools must work to provide opportunities for meaningful, integrated STEM for all students. The pandemic has forced many educators to address digital and social inequities over the past year, and teaching culturally responsive STEM is one way to begin to close the gap. Technology helps facilitate these lessons, but it’s not the only component schools need. We spoke with EdTech influencer Victoria Thompson, a STEM integration transformation coach, at ISTELive 21 about the crucial components of culturally responsive STEM programs.

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    Victoria Thompson, STEM Integration Transformation Coach, Technology Access Foundation

Video Highlights

  • Real STEM programs are built with intent and examine how science, technology, engineering and math work together.
  • Technology can empower teachers and students to build on what they’ve learned over the past year.
  • Culturally responsive STEM allows educators to take steps forward in their teaching rather than returning to what they were doing before the pandemic.