Jun 01 2020

CoSN2020: Rethinking Screen Time Debates for Today’s Students

K–12 educators generally agree that digital devices such as laptops and tablet computers are necessary tools for students. But there is also concern, particularly among parents, about the amount of time students spend in front of screens. Widespread implementation of remote learning has fueled new discussions about screen time, as well as the related issue of equity.

At CoSN2020, the Consortium for School Networking’s virtual annual conference, educators discussed the benefits and obstacles connected to screen time, as well as how remote learning has changed the conversation.

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    Michelle Bourgeois, CTO, St. Vrain Valley School District

    Devorah Heitner, Author, Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World; Founder, Raising Digital Natives

Video Highlights

  • There is no consensus about what activities constitute screen time or how much is too much.
  • Some screen time concerns may stem from a misconception that students are primarily using devices passively. Instead, educational uses of computing devices parallel those in the work world.
  • There already was a divide between families of different income levels about the amount of time children spend on computing devices. With remote learning, additional concerns arise, such as connectivity and whether children have to share devices.