May 21 2020

CoSN2020: Rethinking Accessibility in K–12 Education

The recent shift to remote learning has shined a light on the importance of making digital content accessible for all students. And no matter what schools look like when they reopen in the fall, digital accessibility should be non-negotiable. 

At CoSN2020, Marialice Curran, the founder of the Digital Citizenship Institute, explained why digital accessibility — and representation — should be top of mind for all school leaders and educators, and how they can ensure it.

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    Marialice Curran, Founder, Digital Citizenship Institute

Video Highlights

  • When it comes to making remote or blended learning more accessible, school leaders should not only prioritize distributing devices and delivering Wi-Fi. Making sure students with disabilities and other unique learning needs can access content online is also a key part of that.
  • The unexpected shift to remote learning gave schools the opportunity to refocus their goals around digital accessibility.
  • Bringing accessibility to the forefront and making the right decisions about it require adding diverse voices to the conversation.