Apr 02 2019

CoSN 2019: What's the State of Digital Equity and How Can We Improve It?

The need to ensure that the digital revolution is equitable and accessible to all students is something that K-12 leadership takes very seriously. We spoke with Beth Holland, digital equity project director for CoSN, to understand where strides are being made and where we might need to continue to invest more resources to see improvement. 

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    • Beth Holland, Digital Equity Project Director, CoSN

Video Highlights

  • CoSN views digital equity in three pillars: access to high-speed internet, access to devices and digital literacy.
  • Only about 10 percent of schools surveyed by CoSN feel confident that all of their students have access to high-speed internet outside of school.
  • A report from the ACT Center for Equity in Learning found that 85 percent of students in underserved communities reporting having access to only a single device.