Dec 07 2020

ISTE20 Live: The Evolving and Growing Need for Digital Citizenship Training

Schools have often been tasked with teaching and educating young minds on what it means to be a helpful, productive, considerate and thoughtful member of society. As life and learning has become more digitized, however, there's a need to similarly guide students and teachers on how everyone should responsibly conduct themselves when using technology. We spoke with two teachers at the forefront of the digital citizenship push in the Alisal Union School District to better understand how the district began its journey and where it's going next.

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    • George Lopez, TOSA Technology Trainer, Alisal Union School District
    • Ben Cogswell, Kindergarten Teacher, Alisal Union School District

Video Highlights

  • Initially, digital citizenship at Alisal Union School District was focused on cyberbullying, but as leaders deepened their understanding of the philosophy, the district expanded its training.
  • The school district enjoyed the support of both administrative and IT leadership — a must in establishing a robust digital citizenship training model.
  • As digital life and learning becomes more the norm, digital citizenship may be considered general citizenship.