Modern digital whiteboards help K–12 schools liven up classroom instruction with interactive multimedia lessons.
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Product Review

Big Data

This simple and efficient business intelligence solution makes data interoperable and accessible.

Product Review

Snuffed Out Vaping

The lightweight device goes where cameras can’t to increase campus security.

Get Smart

Keep Them Running

Whether they make their own repairs or use a maintenance service provider, schools find break/fix programs key to keeping student devices functional.

Tech Tips

Flexible Access

Schools that rely on legacy identity and access management programs may be missing opportunities to achieve crucial security objectives.

IT Futurist

Wi-Fi Next

Hot on the heels of Wi-Fi 6E, here’s what schools can do to prepare for Wi-Fi 7’s blazing-fast speed.

FAQ Five

Project Restoration

With the rapid digital transformation happening in today’s schools, data has become a lifeline. Learn which key elements create a sound data restoration strategy.


Zero-Trust Hero

The security approach can be a powerful deterrent in K–12, says CIO Marlon Shears.

Report Card

The Three Digital Divides

The U.S. Department of Education’s plan focuses on ways K–12 stakeholders can use ed tech to improve students’ access to educational opportunities through learning experiences.

Get Smart

Force Multiplier

New vendor offerings, deployment models and security requirements drive IT leaders to reconsider unified network management solutions in education.



Buying Power

Strategic procurement processes can speed technology deployments, prevent waste and help districts meet their learning goals.


Designed for Learning

Traditional libraries are out — and media centers are in — as a reflection of how modern students learn today.


Ahead of the Class

Schools offer a variety of technologies to support a range of dual-credit learning opportunities.


All-Access Pass

K–12 schools score big with Wi-Fi 6 upgrades that offer seamless, secure connections.


Letter From the Editor

Shrinking the Divides

While providing students with access to digital tools is important, educators must also find solutions for the digital use and the digital design divides.

Contributor Column

Finding a Better Way

How one school district broke through the noise to make multiple high-tech changes in record time.

Contributor Column

Budget for Sustainability

Good device management strategies can keep costs down for schools while simultaneously benefitting the environment.