Feb 23 2024

3 Key Reasons Why K–12 Schools Must Modernize Their IAM Programs

Schools that rely on legacy identity and access management programs may be missing opportunities to achieve crucial security objectives.

Though most schools already have identity and access management programs in place that provide IT leaders with best practices, processes and technologies to manage identities, modernizing an IAM program means moving beyond the technical operations to a more strategic function focused on educational objectives.

A modern IAM program brings identity governance, access management and privileged access management together in a unified, cloud-based solution that is built with improved security and almost unlimited scalability. Here are the top three reasons to modernize your IAM program:

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Modern, Cloud-Based IAM Programs Offer Endless Flexibility

Resource management lies at the heart of any effective IAM program. Ensuring that authorized users have timely access to appropriate resources while promptly revoking access when needed is a nonnegotiable priority for safeguarding sensitive data. While role-based access controls are not a new concept, implementing an RBAC model has proved to be extremely complex and challenging. A cloud-based IAM system rapidly enables organizations to implement RBACs that align with job functions  artificial intelligence and machine learning functionality.

IAM platforms automate third-party lifecycle management as well as user provisioning and deprovisioning based on predefined rules and workflows. This reduces the risk of human error and unauthorized access. IAM solutions can even monitor access in real time and send alerts about suspicious activities to quickly identify and respond to potential security threats.

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Modernized IAM Platforms Lead to Long-Term Savings

From upfront hardware investments and staffing requirements to ongoing maintenance and upgrades, on-premises IAM platforms can be expensive to build and difficult to maintain. Given that ROI can be slow to realize, it’s no wonder that some organizations that have already built and implemented an IAM solution are hesitant to move to a modern platform.

However, cloud-based IAM platforms operate on a subscription model and can be built and customized quickly. Organizations no longer need to depend skilled resources to manage their IAM platforms and can spend less to build and maintain the infrastructure. Modern IAM platforms not only provide a much faster ROI but also alleviate the burden of hardware procurement and maintenance, allowing organizations to scale their resources based on actual usage while optimizing expenditures.

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Unified IAM Platforms Streamline Administrative Tasks

One of the key challenges that organizations of all sizes face today is the proliferation of disparate applications, each with its own identity management system. This approach can complicate user access management, increase security vulnerabilities and ultimately lead to operational inefficiencies. In response, forward-thinking organizations are turning to platform consolidation, integrating multiple identity systems into a unified IAM platform.

When schools centralize IAM processes they not only streamline administrative tasks but also simplify auditing and compliance procedures. This approach empowers schools to respond swiftly to security threats while facilitating a seamless user experience across applications and services.

A centralized cloud IAM platform also ensures automated maintenance and updates, ensuring that the IAM solution always has the latest security fixes and patches.

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