More than a year after the landmark law on cybersecurity in K–12, a federal report says risk management should be a top priority.
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Technology for Everyone

Sophia Mendoza, director of instructional technology at one of the largest school districts in the county, is focused on impacting the next three generations.

Product Review

High-End Gaming

With high-end features, the economical new gaming desktop places competitive K-12 esports within reach.

Security Save

Digital Learning Pitfalls

Schools are now using thousands of ed tech solutions. Here’s how they can protect their networks.

Tech Tips

Smoke Signals

The growing use of environmental sensors can help curb vaping and bullying among middle and high school students.

Product Review

Parent-Teacher Conferences Simplified

Sharp images, crisp sound and easy setup make this camera great for virtual meetings.

IT Futurist

Generating Disruption

Why machine learning that generates images and video could have use cases in K–12 schools.

FAQ Five

Countdown to Zero

Zero trust is not a panacea for school cybersecurity, but it can definitely help in some areas.

Get Smart

Can Your Cable Keep Up?

Here’s why cable categories matter when upgrading your school’s wireless networks.



Learning Upgrade

By modernizing AV solutions, districts bring powerful learning, messaging and more to K–12 spaces.


Vital Virtual

Today’s career and  technical education programs use realistic simulations to bridge the gap between the classroom and hands-on experience.


On the Money

To control cybersecurity costs, districts get creative: adopting emerging solutions, relying on external support and developing in-house expertise.


Daring to Dream

To guarantee digital equity, districts must look beyond devices and create a management plan for procuring, supporting and funding replacements. 


The ESSER Aftermath

Schools say the one-time federal funds have been desperately needed to support classroom and IT infrastructure upgrades.


From the Editor

An Important Start

As K–12 districts spend down COVID-19 funds, schools will need long-term solutions.

Contributor Column

Mission, Then Strategy

As schools continue to embrace digital transformation, district leaders must include these three steps in the planning process.

Contributor Column

Bouncing Back

After COVID-19 wiped out years of student progress, schools must rethink traditional, curriculum-based teaching.