Mar 06 2023
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Product Review: Logitech StreamCams for Better Virtual Parent-Teacher Meetings

Sharp images, crisp sound and easy setup make this camera great for virtual meetings.

When streaming live video, the right camera makes a difference. Camera quality is second only to sufficient network bandwidth for ensuring that a virtual meeting is not disrupted by choppy or frozen images.

Virtual meetings are now commonplace in school districts. In fact, nearly half of the 231 district leaders and 295 principals who responded to a 2022 EdWeek Research Center poll said they are more likely to hold parent-teacher conferences online.

The Logitech StreamCam Plus is a powerful new camera, ideal for parent-teacher meetings and remote calls. 

The camera’s solid video quality offers peace of mind for schools that provide teleconferences. Parents need to hear about their child’s progress without communication issues, and teachers must hear parent feedback clearly. The StreamCam Plus supports both.

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Quick and Easy Setup Makes Logitech StreamCam Plus a Winner

Ideal for broadcasting live content from its robust 2.1-megapixel optical sensor, the Logitech StreamCam Plus is great for webinars or teleconferencing. 

The camera features an artificial intelligence capability that provides seamless face tracking, including autofocus and auto-exposure. While speakers are giving presentations, their faces will be shown clearly throughout.

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I tested this feature by using the StreamCam Plus during team meetings and routine presentations for three weeks before reverting to my built-in notebook camera. The difference was notable: My viewers let me know how much clearer and better I looked with the StreamCam.

The camera’s versatile mounting options showcase presenters in the best positions and at the right angles. Speakers appear to look viewers in the eye — not above or below them — while still able to read their screen and notes.

Perhaps the most impressive capability of the StreamCam is its quick setup. During a trip, I needed to take an extremely important meeting in an airport terminal, but I was three minutes late. Nonetheless, I was able to get the camera up and ready before the videoconferencing tool started the meeting.

Cameras are often the unsung heroes of virtual communication, but they are essential today for increasing parent engagement and are even used for remote counseling. The Logitech StreamCam Plus is a powerful tool that can make these connections happen.

Logitech StreamCams


DEVICE TYPE: Live streaming camera
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080 (1080p)
FRAME RATE: 60 fps
DIMENSIONS: 3.1x5.4x5.4 inches
WEIGHT: 12 ounces
FEATURES: Color, audio


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