As more K–12 schools invest in immersive technologies, experts discuss the implications for bandwidth.
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Force Multiplier

At Prince George’s County Public Schools in Maryland — one of the largest school districts in the country — the CIO is working to shape the classroom of the future.

Product Review

Digital Workhorse

Many school districts are working to reduce paper in their classrooms, and this Canon scanner can help them over the final hurdles.

Security Save

Video Vigilance

Schools can utilize the extensive capabilities of networked cameras without the cybersecurity risks.

Report Card

Do Gamers Have Better Brains?

As esports continues to grow, a National Institutes of Health study examines the impact of video games on the brains of elementary school students.

FAQ Five

Switch It Up

Here’s what K–12 schools need to know before advancing to Wi-Fi 6 for faster speeds, greater density and better security.

Product Review

Security Upgrade

This Video over IP surveillance camera comes with onboard processing, saving time and reducing on-premises storage needs for K–12 schools.

Tech Tips

Ban Risky Practices

Failure to regularly audit and configure network devices can expose districts to great risk.

Get Smart

Real Returns

With the funding cliff looming, look to the impact on students to measure ROI for ed tech purchases.



Funds for the Future

School districts that proactively plan to replace aging tech assets ensure they’ll always have the modern devices.


Digital Citizenship Guardrails

Technologies that detect plagiarism and filter websites can turn student lapses into learning opportunities.


Point-and-Click Simplicity

Districts reap big benefits from modern hyperconverged infrastructure with simpler IT management to cost savings.


Stronger Protections

Cameras and access control technology aid well-trained teams in emergency response.


Letter From the Editor

Strategic Communications

IT experts must provide a better understanding of how technology supports the K–12 mission, some say.

Contributor Column

Selective Screening

Excessive screen time is concerning, but when used for education, it can be beneficial.

Contributor Column

Dial Zero for Security

As cyberattacks and ransomware threats against K–12 institutions rise, more IT leaders are learning about the zero-trust cybersecurity model.